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About us

Why BPM ?

Carole and Léana live their days at 140 Beats Per Minute.

At its heart, BPM Life is the desire to develop a new brand of accessories committed to an original, respectful and supportive design process.
But it is also two marshmallow hearts that share the same desire to work with soft materials such as velvet.

Our ambition

Léana : Strategy and development : ..." Ethical behaviour must be at the heart of the business"...
To find ethical and supportive solutions to keep production in France.

Carole : ... "Sustainability is in the details"... Our meticulous and reinforced seams allow us to integrate our creations into a sustainable wardrobe.

A committed company

We believe that we all have a role to play in building a more inclusive society. This is why we integrate the work of mentally handicapped people into our production process by creating a partnership with sheltered workshops.

Our objective : to produce differently by integrating the know-how of mentally handicapped people into our production cycle
How : By creating a partnership with the Esat... By accepting to pace production differently. By managing the production in a reasonable way.
Our commitments : Design - pattern - manufacture our collections in France

Living, dreaming, creating at 140 BPM."

La Boutique BPM

Designed & made in France


Our accessories are made in Bayeux, Normandy, with respect for living beings and the planet.


Velvet is a soft and resistant material that develops a patina over time, making the accessory as attractive as ever.


We offer shipping via compostable packages.


The fabrics are selected according to two criteria : Organic or OEKO-TEX.